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The Written Word: Kisses of Heaven Etched on My Heart

By Barbie   /     Jul 28, 2014  /     Writing & Blogging  /     4 Comments


Long ago, the God of the Universe came to the earth in the flesh.  He came not only as the perfect representation of the Father, but as the Word — the living, breathing and active Word.  In His Word is light and life.  In His Word is truth and love. In His Word is hope and healing.

Just as the Written Word of God encourages our hearts along our sojourn on this earth, the words we write to one another have the power to bring about the same effect — light, life, truth, love, hope and healing

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Journey To The High Places: Fearing Invasion (Week 2)

By Barbie   /     Jul 27, 2014  /     Book study  /     5 Comments

This week brings us to Much-Afraid excitedly anticipating her departure to the High Places with the Shepherd.  However, things do not go according to plan.

There are a few things that stood out to me in this chapter, that I’ve been pondering all week.

It was not until the Shepherd marked Much-Afraid with His Love that she could sing joyful songs.  She knew in her heart then that the Shepherd saw not her blemishes, but loved her for the beauty that was still yet to be.


This so often parallels my own life.  I continue to put too much focus on my own blemishes and shortcomings.  Yet, I choose to believe that God loves me and there is beauty yet to be uncovered.  I have been marked by His love.  Therefore, I will sing songs of joy!

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The Weekend Brew: When You’re Reminded of Your Destiny

By Barbie   /     Jul 26, 2014  /     The Weekend Brew  /     45 Comments

Seven years ago, a group of ladies from my church all got together and created art.  We prayed, asked the Lord for words for those in our community and got busy painting. We gave the pieces away, but before we did, my Pastor’s wife scanned them all into her computer.  Tonight, I was helping her print some things for a ministry trip.  I asked her if she happened to have any of the pieces I did that night.  I was completely amazed at what she  had.


This painting was one of my first prophetic painting pieces.  This was done in 2007, and I started my blog in 2008.  Seeing this tonight awakened a desire in me to write, to share the Lord’s heart with others and to work on that second book of mine!

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