Awaken Our Hearts To Fully Live // The Weekend Brew


When you feel as if you have nothing left to give, but you surrender your weakness to the Lord, despite your feelings or your circumstances, God will always bless and He will always speak. I am continually amazed that when I come before the Lord to paint during worship, but feel empty and far from Him, those are the times when I paint the most profound pieces. God reminds me that although I may feel empty, there is abundance to be found in His presence. I painted this piece about … [Read more...]

Rise // Five Minute Friday


It's been a long while since I joined the beautiful writers at the Five Minute Friday. I am thankful to the Lord for speaking to my heart in five minutes. This is where we write unafraid, free and real. No heavy editing, no backtracking, just words overflowing from His heart to yours. Word prompt: Rise Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep looking up. God will never give you more than you can handle. Look on the bright side. There is always hope. Life has as way of beating you … [Read more...]

I Can’t, But He Can! // The Weekend Brew


I don't know where I first saw this and when I first heard it. I know within the last year these five words have been shared and have made an impact on me. My son has made "I can't, but He can" his mantra. It is his reminder, inspiration, encouragement and strength when brave is overshadowed by challenges and strength is getting beat up by weakness. When the light at the end of the tunnel is not even a pin prick or the mountain of life is too steep to climb, these five words beat a steady … [Read more...]

Introducing…Eli Christopher! // Thankful Thursday


I'm excited to say that I've entered a  new era in my journey with the Lord. I've become a Nana! My oldest daughter,  Alyssa, and her husband, Anthony, welcomed Eli Christopher to the world on Saturday, April 18th. He is just perfect and my heart is bursting with joy over his life. Call me biased, but have you ever seen a more perfect and beautiful baby? I cannot believe that this precious treasure will be a month old already this coming Saturday. I am grateful to God for Eli's safe … [Read more...]