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Journey To The High Places: Detour Through The Desert (Week 6)

By Barbie   /     Aug 25, 2014  /     Book study  /     14 Comments

HindsFeet_Week 6

This chapter could not have come at a better time. It truly spoke to my heart in this seasons of my life, and how, even though I do not understand His ways, He is always faithful to bring me through.

As Much-Afraid became aware that what lay ahead of her on the next phase of her journey was a desert, she immediately began to argue with her companions, Sorrow and Suffering, insisting that surely this was not the way she should go. After all, the Shepherd had called her to the High Places. Why would He want her to detour through the desert?

But the Shepherd made it very clear that this was the way she should go. He assured Much-Afraid that He was not contradicting Himself by calling her to the High Places, yet making her go through the desert. He called it “postponement for the best to become possible.”

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The Weekend Brew: The Promise of His Goodness

By Barbie   /     Aug 22, 2014  /     The Weekend Brew  /     26 Comments

Land of the Living

Sometimes life catches you off guard, and you have to fight to keep your perspective. As seasons change, it’s easy for me to fall into the “what if’s” and “if only’s”.  But staying there in that place minimizes the promise of the power of God in my life.  Reflecting on what could have been, or even what might be, good or bad, steals away the now moments and clouds my vision of the work that God is doing in my life right at this moment.

When life gets hard, and fear tries to creep in, I only have one place to go and that’s straight into the arms of Jesus. Only there is confusion silenced and fear laid to rest.

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Five Minute Friday: Change

By Barbie   /     Aug 21, 2014  /     My 5 Minute Fridays  /     30 Comments

Today I am joining a beautiful community of writers for the Five Minute Friday where we are given a word prompt and write for just 5 minutes for the joy of writing.  No editing or backtracking necessary.  No need to be perfect.  This is where I get to write, letting it all go, allowing the words tucked away deep inside my heart to find their voice.



It can be a familiar friend or an unwelcome visitor.

For the most part, I embrace change.

I’m a “fly-by-the-seat of my pants” girl, always willing to go where the wind takes me.

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