Remember To Breathe. He’s All You Need // The Weekend Brew


Friends, I have been completely overwhelmed the last few days. Things are looking up, but it seems like we must walk through a little bit of fire before coming out on the other side, where the sun shines brighter and the grass is greener. I've not had the best attitude this week and have also been fighting of a little bit of depression. The Lord reminded me today to stop and just breathe. I thought "just breathe", that would make a great title for this post. But it seemed all too familiar so I … [Read more...]

When You Want To Pray And Don’t Know How // Share The Brew With Ellen Chauvin


Today I am excited to introduce you to one of my new blogging friends, Ellen Chauvin. I met Ellen in the Bloggers: Learning, Growing, Encouraging Facebook Group (formerly Better Blogs). I've enjoyed getting to know her and reading her beautifully, inspiring blog. I am so thankful she agreed to share her heart with you all. Please make sure to visit Ellen's blog. You will be blessed! Think about the most important person in your life. Do you spent a great deal of time with them? Perhaps … [Read more...]

Easter Stories {Classic Tales for the Holy Season} Review & Giveaway


I love to read stories centered around the holidays. When my kids were younger, I would read to them stories from the Bible and from books which shared the experiences of others, that gave them a deep appreciation for the season. I was thrilled to receive a copy of Easter Stories - Classic Tales for the Holy Season to review. Please read to the end of the post for your chance to enter to receive your very own copy of this book which is bound to be a family treasure. About The … [Read more...]

Let Go And Let Me // The Weekend Brew


The cracks in the sidewalk resemble my soul, ridges and grooves mark off sections into the compartments of my life -- God, family, church, work and fun. Twigs, scattered leaves and pebbles gather to fill the crevices, much like my insecurities, weaknesses and doubt that soaks in to cloud my soul. A journey of footsteps wearing down the familiar path traveling daily to the same places. My footsteps uncertain as they follow a path to where my heart leads them. The sidewalk is marked … [Read more...]