Photo-a-day: {July 19 – July 25}

Another week of the photo challenge has come and gone and I cannot seem to get back into my groove.  I took a couple of photos this week but again, pulled from my trusty archives.  Maybe next week I’ll find my MOJO.

Here is what I have for this week:

Meet “Maddie”, my daughter’s bunny.

This picture was actually taken a couple of years ago, after my son got his first pair of glasses.

Oh just hanging upside down!

Not one stranger, but many, worshipping together in one accord.  (Taken about a year ago.)

Another one of my original paintings, entitled “Awakened Love”.

I am anxious to see your photos from this week.  Link up below!


  1. bethinnc says

    I remember that beautiful painting! <3 Love your photos (even if you borrowed). :o) Your son is adorable!

    Will you be doing this in August too? I think I'd miss it if you didn't.

    Have a wonderful day Barbie!


    • says

      I use to have an Etsy store, but it was tied to an art blog I had, so when I deleted it, it sort of disappeared. I suppose I should create another store. You never know, right?

      • says

        You definitely never know. Maybe an idea… If you ever decide to sell your artwork and want help promoting it, maybe Mom’s Nite Out events that I have might be a way for you. You have a talent where I have none.

  2. Stephanie Page says

    I love the picture of everyone worshipping! So lovely! I am getting my bloggin mojo back. 😉 hope your having a lovely summer Barbie!

  3. Lea says

    Love your artwork! As mother of a recent bride, you are entitled to still be getting your ducks back in a row. :o) Blessings!

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