Weigh-In Wednesdays: {Daniel Fast – Week One}

*I am putting my weight loss efforts on hold as I seek the Lord through prayer and fasting from January 6th-27th.  During that time, I will be sharing about my fasting journey here.  I am not an expert in fasting.  I have failed more times than I’ve been successful.  I will be sharing what I am doing, what’s working, what isn’t, as well as what I am learning along the way, and what God is doing in me through all of this.  I will be back to my regular Weigh-In Wednesday posting in February.

I am a little late in getting myself settled in to my fast.  I had to wait until Monday to do my shopping, and because my husband’s unemployment check does not come until Wednesday, I had to buy limited things just to get me through until then.  Although the church began fasting on Sunday, I started my fast on Monday.  Right out of the gate, I headed to my Keurig and made a cup of coffee, with creamer.  After I drank it I realized I had just broken my fast.  Sigh.  But instead of beating myself up, I got right back on target with a salad for lunch, and a bean chili for dinner.

I spent two hours in my kitchen last night preparing food for today which will also serve as lunches for my week.  Here is what I made:

You can find this recipe here.

I have not actually eaten this yet.  I made it for the purpose of lunch for the week.  It smells wonderful!

Ultimate Daniel Fast Black & White Chili

I am still playing with the spices for this one.  It is a basic, flavorable bean chili which kept me full last night.

Here are some of the other items I’ve added to my panty/fridge this week:

Naked juices
Whole Grain Bread & Crackers
Natural Peanut Butter
Carrots & Celery
Corn Tortillas
(If I require more protein, these items will be added to my diet occasionally.) 

I have not been able to give up my coffee yet.  But I have gone to sugar-free, so that is a huge step. However, I must drink LOTS more water!

Overall, I found I was more alert today and I got a lot accomplished.  I have caught up on my reading and look forward to spending more time with Jesus tomorrow!

Here are some of the resources I am using to help me to stay focused on my fast:

The Ultimate Daniel Fast – This book is full of good information about the fast, as well as some yummy recipes which I look forward to trying.  Also, there is a devotional for each day of the fast.

21 Day Fast Reading Plan on YouVersion – This plan is full of scriptures on fasting and helps to keep me focused.

My Pastor has also written an article on How To Be Successful With Prayer and Fasting on his blog.  I hope you will click over to read.  By the way, he has a lot of good articles on his site.  Feel free to browse around.  He also provides a downloadable handout to help you bring clarity to your fast.

I know not everyone who is reading this is fasting, but I came across a few bloggers who are, so I thought I would share my journey.  Hopefully, I will have much more to report next week after a full week of fasting.

And to my weight loss buddies, I am cheering you on this week!

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21 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesdays: {Daniel Fast – Week One}

  1. I’m so glad to see you are doing this as I am planning to do it as well. I cannot begin until we get enough money to go grocery shopping again either. I don’t know when that will be. Hubby’s business may or may not bring anything in before I get paid on the 31st. So we shall see. But, I am doing some planning by reviewing the Daniel fast and preparing shopping lists. I went on a 21 day juice fast several years again and it was absolutely wonderful! I think a juice fast in some ways is even easier than the Daniel fast because the more you are given to eat, the more you want to eat so to speak, but on a juice fast you don’t eat so the food doesn’t tempt you. My hunger went away after about 3 days and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way. I drank about 6 ounces of fresh juice 4 times a day and plenty of water and I had more energy than ever. The spiritual impact was profound! Anyway, I am going to the do the Daniel fast and then may go on into a juice fast after that. We shall see! I’m excited to walk through this with you. You may be finished before I have the opportunity get my shopping done though!
    Stephani recently posted..Just a Little Hodgepodge

    1. Stephanie, I am so thankful to have you along on this journey. I totally understand about the “no money for shopping thing.” if my entire family were doing this with me, it may be easier, but I have to feed them too. I am prayed about a juice fast the last 7 days. I will see what the Lord says. Praying you can get that shopping done soon.

  2. Thank you for sharing , I would too struggle with the coffee. I never heard of Daniel Fast but after you posted the link I like how it was written to also bring in healthier choices and relying on God!! Praying for you!!
    Jennifer peterson recently posted..Waltz jump

  3. Hi Barbie,
    Awesome!! :)

    If you find you are lacking in protein just add in some almonds. I have done juice fasting for extended periods and when I felt in need I blended up; berries, almonds, water, banana and some dates. When I juice fast I will make this a bit on the watery side and drink more of it.

    Blessings on this fast.
    Child of God recently posted..Divine Healing

    1. Thank you my friend. I know that the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. I am praying about a juice fast for the last 7 days!

    1. Oh friend, you don’t know how much this means to me, that God would put me on your heart. I’m off to a slow start, but hope to pick things up a little next week.

  4. Are you “allowed” to eat dairy on a Daniel Fast? I’m falling in love (all over again) with Smoothies lately. So quick and easy to make and they manage to satisfy my sweet tooth and nutrition needs at the same time. I usually just do fruit, juice and yogurt. Hubby has suggested throwing in some spinach leaves. Oh … and I always add ground flax meal. Some times I add protein powder but I haven’t been doing that lately because of the cost! Protein powder makes even gas look cheap! =)
    Beth Zimmerman recently posted..Friendship

    1. Hi Beth! No, actually dairy is not allowed on the Daniel Fast. I am off to a slow start and hope to be off dairy next week. I truly want to step things up next week, getting off all of the meat proteins as well. I love the idea of protein powder in smoothies!

  5. Great morning, Barbie. This is such an encouraging post. I am planning to fast as well, but like you, I’m the only person in my home that will be fasting and I’m sure they would like to eat too. I will be sure to look into the resources you posted and I will keep you informed with my progress.

    Sophia recently posted..Mr. Mom & Mrs. Dad

  6. I have never truly done a fast like this but I must say it looks very interesting. Several years ago, when I was doing Beth Moore’s study of Daniel, I chose to “fast” from cokes during the study. At the time I probably drank 3-4 cokes a day.*shudder* I certainly found myself seeking God more and got so much from that study. It was truly life changing for me. Praying for you as you do this.

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