Monday Fun Days: Field Trips & Fundraisers

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Well today was a full day of fun and I am exhausted!

My youngest son had his class “end of the year park day” today and I volunteered to go along and chaperone.  It was a beautiful day.  I got to hang out near the playground and keep an eye on the kids.  Of all of the playground equipment that was available to them, the kids chose to sit in the sand and dig….and dig….and dig…and, well, dig.  It amazes me how long it kept their attention. Afterwards we ate our bag lunches, of which I forgot to bring one for myself so another mom took pity on me and shared her turkey sandwich and Cheetos.  Then the kids consumed as many 4oz root beer floats as they could, played basketball and dodgeball and then we headed back across the grass to the school to get ready to go home.

Not less than two hours later, my two youngest and I were in the car headed to Pump It Up for a fundraiser for our Childrens Department.  I enjoyed watching my kids and their parents jump, slide and roll for two hours on huge inflatables. I chose not to partake in the fun. I was so tired, I thought I might hurt myself.

Tonight we also celebrated my son’s 10th birthday with a spaghetti dinner.  He received a bag of his 10 favorite candies, an Action Bible and a picture of the iPod Touch we bought him on eBay, which hasn’t arrived yet.

Next week, we will celebrate his birthday with 12 of his friends at Boomers.  Come back next week for more Monday Fun Days as I share my birthday party edition.

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*Sadly, my children do not like to appear on my blog, hence the reason for the lack of personal photos. I’m so thankful for stock photos!

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8 thoughts on “Monday Fun Days: Field Trips & Fundraisers

  1. What a fun-filled day! I’ve always been amazed at how satisfying it seems to be for kids digging in dirt or sand. Add water to the mix and it’s an endless amount of fun. LOL! Glad you were able to get some quality fun time with your son. :)
    Rosann recently posted..Your Breakthrough is Coming

  2. Oh, you are a busy Momma! I remember those days and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but I am sure enjoying this phase of my life too. Guess that’s exactly as the Lord intended. Happy rest of the week!
    Lea recently posted..Friday Fragments

    1. I am sort of looking forward to having an empty nest. Is that weird? Perhaps because I am nearing 50 and still have a 10 year old! So out of energy!

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