Thorns Among The Roses // The Weekend Brew


This morning I had to choose to look up. Some days are just like that, aren't they? We want to walk through life with our heads down, because sometimes it's easier to turn away from hope. Hope looks up, it expects, it walks with a pep in her step. But what happens when you've waited with hopeful expectation for your circumstances to change? What do you do when you've pounded the door of heaven and there seems to be no change in sight? Do you give up? Some days, you may feel like it. I feel like … [Read more...]

I Have A Date // The Weekend Brew


The early morning quiet greets me most mornings at 5:00 AM. The darkness is still an inky black and the only light comes from the bedside lamp I turn on to start my day. There is a complete hush of quiet broken only by the throwing back of the comforter and my footsteps padding into the other room. All of these pieces work together to create my favorite time of the day. A time to renew, restore, read and center. You see - I have a date! This one is so important to me that my day is not … [Read more...]

Share // Five Minute Friday

White heart lying on the notebook

// Share// My kids don't like to share. Even the teens, they hold on for dear life to what they feel entitled to, to what has been told is theirs. My life is much like that these days. I hold on to so many things. I hold them close to my heart, not wanting to share, not knowing how to share, not sure they are worthy of sharing. But in the holding on, I am robbing someone else of a blessing. I tell my kids they will be blessed by sharing their things, their lives, with others. And the … [Read more...]