Noah – A Wordless Picture Book Review & Giveaway


When I was a child, and before I learned how to read, I would often make up stories using my imagination while looking at picture books. Pictures do tell a story. It's even more wonderful to know a story, and be able to tell it in your own words just by looking at pictures. That is what Noah - A Wordless Picture Book does for me. It's like entering into a time in the past, and uncovering the story again and again, each time a little differently. About The Book A hundred years before the … [Read more...]

When You’re Forced To Slow Down & An Invitation


I've been pretty silent in this space over the last month or so. I feel as if my blog is in survival mode, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I am thankful, so thankful, for the amazing featured writers who have loaned their voices to my space over the last month -- actually, over the last several months, and for my new Weekend Brew co-host, Mary Geisen.  I am not sure this blog would be moving forward without my beautiful friends. As a reader, I know you come here to read my words, and … [Read more...]

Journey To The High Places: Healing Streams (Week 17)


Much-Afraid awoke to the warmth of the sun on her face and the smell of spikenard, frankincense and myrrh all around.  As she recalled the events of the previous day, she looked down at her chest where the priest had wrenched out of her heart her flower of human love. She was surprised to see that there was no scare underneath the cloth soaked in spices whose perfume filled the cave. Outside the cave the sun shone brightly in the canyon.  Grass was growing everywhere and there were flowers of … [Read more...]