My Messy Christmas {Three Word Wednesday}


*Disclaimer:  This post is not intended to put myself down or to make you feel sorry for me.  This is my reality and I don't care to hide it any longer.  I've been wallowing in all sorts of "why not me" and coveting the beauty of others that I've decided being real with my life, messy and all, speaks more of the beauty of Christmas, at least for me. I had started a post entitled, "Awaiting His Arrival" and thought I would write about Mary,  how she pondered in her heart the arrival of the Son … [Read more...]

Embracing the Simple Joy of Family


Embracing the simple Joy of FAMILY The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. Burton Hillis I tell my kids ever year, "Christmas is about family.  It's about being together.  It doesn't matter what is or isn't underneath the tree.  What matters most is that we, as a family are all together -- healthy, happy and loving Jesus." Over the last four years, I've said that more often than I am sure my children would like to … [Read more...]

Life Through The Lens: Celebrating 25 years!


On Tuesday, August 20th, my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! We didn't have any big plans, like those we've dreamed about, as money is still very tight. (Thankfully, hubby is working now!). But God put it on someone's heart to bless us financially so that we could go out and have a nice dinner.  A really nice dinner!  So that is what we did on Sunday night. We went to the Shadowbrook Restaurant in Capitola. You can take a garden path down many stairs to the … [Read more...]

Monday Fun Days: Birthday Edition


My youngest son turned 10 last week on Monday.  Because he was still in school. we scheduled a birthday party with his friends for today at Boomers!  Youngest daughter and a few of her friends came along as well.  Can I just say arcade games, lazer tag, bumper boats, go karts and miniature golf! Oh My! We started off in the party room with pizza, cake and presents. From there, we headed out for a round of miniature golf.  A very light rain was falling and I was hopeful that it would stay afar … [Read more...]