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The Weekend Brew: We Dance

By Barbie   /     Sep 13, 2014  /     The Weekend Brew  /     38 Comments


photo credit: ~K~ via photopin cc

All too often a song comes along that moves me to tears.  This one has been on repeat for a long time.  Not only is it anointed, but every time I listen to it I get this picture of me, being held in the Father’s arms. I’m a little girl, and He is big and strong, and He twirls me around and around.  As long as I remain there, safe in His arms, I know everything will be okay.

In times of uncertainty, it brings me much peace knowing that my steady, constant God has a good plan for my life.

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The Weekend Brew: Where Faith Meets Courage

By Barbie   /     Sep 06, 2014  /     Faith, The Weekend Brew  /     71 Comments


What do you do when life takes a sudden sharp turn?  Do you try to take control and steer yourself back onto the path that you once walked? Do you fight the turn, risking being thrown off course altogether and missing your destination? Or do you lean into the turn, albeit blindly, allowing yourself to feel the wind on your face, if even through tears?

Friends, life is changing. Yet I remain hopeful and full of faith. I do no always understand His ways, but I know that they are higher than my own. I know that He loves me. I know that He is with me. And I know that He has already seen the end from the beginning. These days I am facing have already been written. They are a part of my story, although I have not lived them out. I want to live them well, full of faith, trusting in His provision, reflecting on His goodness.

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The Weekend Brew: When The Sky Speaks

By Barbie   /     Aug 29, 2014  /     The Weekend Brew  /     40 Comments


I walked outside tonight to capture this awesomeness.  In that moment, when I made the choice to stop and be still, God spoke directly to my heart.

I heard Him say, “I am with you.”

I heard Him say, “You are safe in the shelter of My wings.”

I heard Him say, “My love for you is unending.”

I heard Him say, “There is beauty in the storm.”

I heard Him say, “My light will guide you.”

I hope these little messages from God’s heart to mine will minister to you today.

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