The Merciful God // The Weekend Brew


The day of her sentencing had come. She felt weak and ashamed. She was guilty for sure, never once believing she was not a sinner. Her entire family and those she loved had turned their backs on her. How could she had done what she did? They could not find it in their hearts to forgive? Why would she think that He would? Embarrassed at the sight of herself in the mirror, She had not the time to change her clothes. They came for her early in the morning, dragging her out of the … [Read more...]

Life’s Lens // The Weekend Brew


What do you surround yourself with each day, each hour or minute? Does life look like an ending becoming a new beginning? Do you watch as the day turns into night and the cycle of many awakes becomes many sleeps? Does the sun remind you of all the possibilities that lie ahead and the moon becomes the lullaby that sings you to sleep? Does life greet you with joy or are the challenges consuming, stopping your forward movement? We can look at our lives and point out all that is right or … [Read more...]

The Good God // The Weekend Brew


Do you believe that God is always good? Good: virtuous, righteous, upright, moral, blameless, honorable, respectable, noble, trustworthy, praiseworthy. When we look around, listen to the news, interact with people near and dear to us who are suffering, it's often hard to comprehend that there is a good, kind, just and loving God who cares deeply for mankind. There is pain, sadness, disappointment and despair in this world. But if we dwell too long on the negative, our view of a good and just … [Read more...]

Because He Lives // The Weekend Brew


I imagine the path to the cross over 2000 years ago. The path of sacrifice, redemption and glory. The footsteps stirring up the dusty road, the sun's glare casting a shadow of a cross across the path, beads of sweat dropping like pearls as dust scatters with every drop, silence except for the gulps of air being sucked in and the taunts and berating of the soldiers urging the man on, the spectators watching intently as the burden of the cross causes the man to stumble-the weight of … [Read more...]