Awaken Our Hearts To Fully Live // The Weekend Brew


When you feel as if you have nothing left to give, but you surrender your weakness to the Lord, despite your feelings or your circumstances, God will always bless and He will always speak. I am continually amazed that when I come before the Lord to paint during worship, but feel empty and far from Him, those are the times when I paint the most profound pieces. God reminds me that although I may feel empty, there is abundance to be found in His presence. I painted this piece about … [Read more...]

I Can’t, But He Can! // The Weekend Brew


I don't know where I first saw this and when I first heard it. I know within the last year these five words have been shared and have made an impact on me. My son has made "I can't, but He can" his mantra. It is his reminder, inspiration, encouragement and strength when brave is overshadowed by challenges and strength is getting beat up by weakness. When the light at the end of the tunnel is not even a pin prick or the mountain of life is too steep to climb, these five words beat a steady … [Read more...]

The Merciful God // The Weekend Brew


The day of her sentencing had come. She felt weak and ashamed. She was guilty for sure, never once believing she was not a sinner. Her entire family and those she loved had turned their backs on her. How could she had done what she did? They could not find it in their hearts to forgive? Why would she think that He would? Embarrassed at the sight of herself in the mirror, She had not the time to change her clothes. They came for her early in the morning, dragging her out of the … [Read more...]

Life’s Lens // The Weekend Brew


What do you surround yourself with each day, each hour or minute? Does life look like an ending becoming a new beginning? Do you watch as the day turns into night and the cycle of many awakes becomes many sleeps? Does the sun remind you of all the possibilities that lie ahead and the moon becomes the lullaby that sings you to sleep? Does life greet you with joy or are the challenges consuming, stopping your forward movement? We can look at our lives and point out all that is right or … [Read more...]