I Have A Date // The Weekend Brew


The early morning quiet greets me most mornings at 5:00 AM. The darkness is still an inky black and the only light comes from the bedside lamp I turn on to start my day. There is a complete hush of quiet broken only by the throwing back of the comforter and my footsteps padding into the other room. All of these pieces work together to create my favorite time of the day. A time to renew, restore, read and center. You see - I have a date! This one is so important to me that my day is not … [Read more...]

Woven Stories of Grace // The Weekend Brew


Several weeks ago, God laid the word "legacy" on my heart in a moment of self-pity and despair when I was missing my mom. The word consumed my thoughts and I felt nudged to look at it more deeply. I began the process with my post here at The Weekend Brew two weeks ago-The Gift of Legacy - but as with all words, there are times when more needs to be said and questions need to be answered. I challenged our Weekend Brew readers with several questions at the end of my post and one that stood out … [Read more...]

In The Beginning…God // The Weekend Brew


A new year. A fresh start. A sense of relief knowing that the hard parts of the last year are behind me, and that God is getting ready to do a new thing. I'm excited about all that this year holds for me and my family. I know God stands ready to bless me abundantly, yet I know that I also must do my part by seeking Him out through His Word and in prayer, asking for a greater revelation of His heart concerning all things. My desire is that God would open my eyes and ears to the wonders of the … [Read more...]