The Weekend Brew: The Resurrection And The Life

john 11 25

May you reflect today on the cross and His suffering. May you remember that He bore your sin and shame. May you be reminded of the cost of being His. May your eyes look to heaven and know, He is risen. Though days may be dark, He is the light. You may have experienced death -- death of a dream, a promise, a loved one. May you rememberer the promise that is yours: The one who believes in me shall live, even though they die. He is the resurrection and the life. May you rise … [Read more...]

The Weekend Brew: Who’s In Your View?

psalm 16 8-2

Life get's out of control sometimes, even for a semi-control freak like me.  You try to keep it all together, striving for order in your messy, calm in your chaos and cool in your hot flashes.  But really, life moves at a much faster pace than I can keep up with. In the hustle and bustle of life, It's easy to become short sighted, only able to see the looming mess and chaos -- the unfinished laundry, the homeschool books (boxes and boxes of them) that you are still trying to sell, and … [Read more...]

The Weekend Brew: Psalm 27:1


May the Lord's light surround you and my His strong right hand uphold you.  You are held, safe and secure in His arms. You need not fear. Now it’s your turn to share encouragement here at The Weekend Brew. 1. Share a post, photo, scripture — anything that breathes life and encourages. 2. Grab the button to use in your post, or simply link here. 3. Visit the person who linked up before you (and a few others if you have time).   … [Read more...]