Let Go And Let Me // The Weekend Brew


The cracks in the sidewalk resemble my soul, ridges and grooves mark off sections into the compartments of my life -- God, family, church, work and fun. Twigs, scattered leaves and pebbles gather to fill the crevices, much like my insecurities, weaknesses and doubt that soaks in to cloud my soul. A journey of footsteps wearing down the familiar path traveling daily to the same places. My footsteps uncertain as they follow a path to where my heart leads them. The sidewalk is marked … [Read more...]

Real // Five Minute Friday


Today I’m linking up with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday and joining some of the most beautiful women on the internet for five minutes of free write. No editing, backtracking or need for perfection. Just words free flowing from my heart to yours. Real It takes courage to be real. to put one's self out there, to share from the depths of a heart, aching with the pain of desire to be known. How will I be perceived when I share the real me? Empty at times, weary and worn, days … [Read more...]

For When You Think Being A Servant Isn’t Enough // Share The Brew With Heather Faria

Being a Servant Guest Post.700

I am excited to introduce you to a beautiful soul, Heather, whom I got to know during the last 31 Days of October writing challenge. I had stumbled upon her blog and immediately had blog theme envy. Her words are real and point to the Father. I was honored to be able to meet Heather in person last month, as well as her beautiful mama, Lauren Huss. I hope you will visit Heather's blog and get to know her. Have you noticed that there is this huge trend right now to be brave and pursue … [Read more...]

Springs Of Living Water // The Weekend Brew


When you find yourself walking through a valley, remember that the path you take is temporary. He promises to bring you through the valley. If you look closely at the rock and dirt beneath you will see pools of water rising up beneath the barren ground. These pools are meant for healing. When you feel dry and parched, remember that all who are thirsty, all who are weak need only come to the fountain. [Tweet "All who are thirsty and weak need only come to the fountain."] If … [Read more...]