When Lent Is Not Giving Up But Looking In // The Weekend Brew


Growing up in a structured, traditional church came with the yearly Lenten sacrifices. I would start planning weeks in advance for the "just right" thing to give up as my offering each Lent. Choosing involved making sure that whatever I gave up would hurt, but not too much. Giving up chocolate or desserts seem to be a typical "go to" sacrifice each Lent because I knew I could handle this for 6 weeks and often other family members were doing the same thing so there was strength in numbers. I … [Read more...]

Open // Five Minute Friday


Open Your Heart, My Child by Barbie Swihart Open your heart, My child. Let me come inside. You need not shrink back in fear. You need not run and hide. All of the feelings of uncertainty that you bottle up inside, Let me replace them with peace, Let me give you My rest. I know you feel weak and weary, I've caught every tear you've cried. Open your heart, My child to My love which heals all wounds. My door is always open, You need only to come. Broken, bruised and battered, I … [Read more...]

The Risk OF Being Real


I wasn't going to go to church on Sunday.  Yes, I admit that sometimes I allow the enemy to have the upper hand, and I give in to my feelings of depression and anxiety. I just wanted to stay in bed.  But, thankfully, I had children who were scheduled to serve and a husband who was also serving, so I got up, got ready and off I went. I tried to avoid eye contact and the well meaning friends. Not everyone knows my story, what we are walking through in this season of hard. Most do not. I don't … [Read more...]