The Weekend Brew: Sacred Places (by Mary Geisen)

Sacred Place

As a child growing up in a very structured church, a sacred place looked like my┬áchurch. The rows of pews surrounding the altar, as well as the body of Jesus on the cross displayed prominently behind the altar, were all tangible signs that this was a sacred place. A hush always greeted you as you entered the church doors and it was understood that your actions would match the reverence that reverberated through the room. As a seeker, I began to question if God could only be found in the … [Read more...]

Journey To The High Places: Grave On The Mountains (Week 16)

Mountain rocks covered by clouds

I want to thank you for continuing this journey with me. I'm struggling to finish the book, but I will finish. My posts may be short as I'm on information overload and it's just hard getting my thoughts down on paper. Thank you for your grace and our patience. A few things stood out to me in this chapter. First, Much-Afraid was out of strength on this journey. She was tired and worn out. But her companions, Sorrow and Suffering came along side her to "gird her up" for the continuing journey … [Read more...]

Featured Writer: Chrissy @ The Brave Wanderer


I am excited to introduce you to my new friend Chrissy from Germany. I met Chrissy during the 31 Days of October when I stumbled upon her beautiful blog. I was captivated not only by her words and writing style, but by her gorgeous photography. I know you will love her. Dear Reader, I know it can be hard forgetting what was. So often the past is stuck in our mind, our body and soul and we cannot help but dwell on the past. Maybe because we got hurt or disappointed. Maybe we had to suffer … [Read more...]