A Double Portion Inheritance // The Weekend Brew


Someone sent me this verse this week, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't realize how much shame and disgrace I was carrying over our situation until now. I've been mulling over and over again in my head, the "what if's" in life, you know, those things that, given the opportunity, you'd like to go back and change, or so you think. I don't want to allow circumstances to rule my thoughts, but this second week of January has proven hard, especially in light of the fact that my focus … [Read more...]

Woven Stories of Grace // The Weekend Brew


Several weeks ago, God laid the word "legacy" on my heart in a moment of self-pity and despair when I was missing my mom. The word consumed my thoughts and I felt nudged to look at it more deeply. I began the process with my post here at The Weekend Brew two weeks ago-The Gift of Legacy - but as with all words, there are times when more needs to be said and questions need to be answered. I challenged our Weekend Brew readers with several questions at the end of my post and one that stood out … [Read more...]

A Love Letter From God // Review & Giveaway!

Love Letter From God

As a mom, I have fond memories of reading to my children when they were younger. They are mostly grown up now. It was important to me that my children were exposed to books that would develop their character and give them a greater understanding of who they were in Christ. As a soon-to-be grandma for the first time, my search continues for quality, God-centered books that will be read throughout the generations. Imagine my delight when I was given the opportunity to review A Love Letter From … [Read more...]