My Hiding Place


I don't know about you, but when I am struggling, or feel as if I am under spiritual attack, I want to run and hide. But what I've found is no matter where I go, the struggle remains. There is One in whom I can take refuge -- God, my Hiding Place. In the day of trouble He hides me away in the secret place where I am comforted and strengthened in His Word.  He promises to guard and protect me so that no harm would come to me, and He surrounds me with songs of deliverance. For in the day … [Read more...]

The Adventures Of Pajama Girl Review & Giveaway


As a soon-to-be grandma, I am always on the look out for books to add to my "book basket" to entertain the grandchildren. Even though my first grandchild, due to arrive any day now, is a boy, I could not resist the chance to review this beautifully illustrated book and add it to my basket. Until my first granddaughter arrives, I will share it with the little girls I do know. About The Book (From the Publisher) Hardcover; 32 pages A cute, illustrated story about a girl's imagination and … [Read more...]

The Good God // The Weekend Brew


Do you believe that God is always good? Good: virtuous, righteous, upright, moral, blameless, honorable, respectable, noble, trustworthy, praiseworthy. When we look around, listen to the news, interact with people near and dear to us who are suffering, it's often hard to comprehend that there is a good, kind, just and loving God who cares deeply for mankind. There is pain, sadness, disappointment and despair in this world. But if we dwell too long on the negative, our view of a good and just … [Read more...]

The Everlasting Father


As a little girl growing up, I did not have the spiritual guidance of a father who walked with the Lord. I knew my earthly father loved me, but as I grew up and began my relationship with God, I've taken a long journey to realizing how very much this God in heaven loves me.  The concept of being a daughter of the King of Kings, and having a Father in heaven who's love for me is unconditional and endless, has taken me some time to understand. The Prophet Isaiah foretold that Jesus would be … [Read more...]