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Featured Friend: Carrie @ Let Hearts Bloom

By Barbie   /     Sep 02, 2014  /     Featured Writers  /     4 Comments
Welcome to Featured Friend Wednesday where I  introduce you to one of my beautiful writing friends.  I hope you will take the time to read, get to know the writer and visit her blog and social media links.

Where God Met Me
by Carrie of Let Hearts Bloom


May I share something very personal and uncomfortable? I tend to believe lies. For most of my life I never questioned authority. Whether it was my parents, church leaders, teachers, employers or government.

Sadly I didn’t recognize the key authority – The Authority that conceived Truth.

I remember the diligent preparation for my Holy Communion sacrament in first grade. The memorization, the proper placement of my hands, the rules for accepting the bread and responding to the priest. Yet no one taught me to look at or read God’s actual words.

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Journey To The High Places: On The Shores of Loneliness (Week 7)

By Barbie   /     Sep 01, 2014  /     Book study  /     14 Comments

Hinds Feet _ week7

Walking through a desert season will often leave you feeling lost and alone. Even though you want to believe that His Presence goes with You, I think the desert is purposely made to make one feel helpless and dependent. It forces us to reach forward into the great unknown, seeking the One we love with every ounce of strength we have left.

After wandering in the desert and accepting her circumstances with a heart of joy, Much-Afraid now finds herself standing on the shorts of loneliness. I believe the two work simultaneously together — the dry and thirsty land and the vast sea which separates us from the other side. These two work together to make us dependent on the One who has gone before us and continues to prepare the way.

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The Weekend Brew: When The Sky Speaks

By Barbie   /     Aug 29, 2014  /     The Weekend Brew  /     40 Comments


I walked outside tonight to capture this awesomeness.  In that moment, when I made the choice to stop and be still, God spoke directly to my heart.

I heard Him say, “I am with you.”

I heard Him say, “You are safe in the shelter of My wings.”

I heard Him say, “My love for you is unending.”

I heard Him say, “There is beauty in the storm.”

I heard Him say, “My light will guide you.”

I hope these little messages from God’s heart to mine will minister to you today.

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