Guided By Trust // Share The Brew with Kathryn Shirey

Trust God_700

I met my next Share The Brew featured writer when she linked up to The Weekend Brew. I've gotten to know her through her writing and she writes about faith and family and encourages others along in their journey. Be sure to stop by Kathryn's blog and have a look around. The words keep rolling around and around in my head. Words I can’t shake. Words that stir my heart. Words that at the same time give me courage and hope, yet also make me wonder if I have that kind of faith. Words that … [Read more...]

The God Who Overcomes


God never promised that we would not go through challenges and struggles in this world. As a matter of fact, we are almost certain to go through hard things. But be assured, we will come through to the other side. Whether we are struggling with financial hardship, health issues, depression, challenges with our children or fighting to save a marriage, we can rest assured that we will ultimately be victorious over every situation. I'm not sure how it all works. There are situations that I face … [Read more...]

Heart Murmurs // The Weekend Brew


God whispers and words reach my soul. The words come unexpectedly, but show up at just the right times. God's whispers look like pictures, poems from students, His Word, heart stopping beauty and the gifts of friendship and family. The heart murmurs are blessings to see me through the week. God's sweet love shining through the everyday mundane. God's love notes left in unexpected places just waiting to be discovered. My God whispers this week looked like... A sunrise leaving streaks of … [Read more...]

The Never Failing God


Beloved, Have you grown weary? Does the race seem long? Do you find you lack the strength to pick yourself up and begin again? I'm right there with you. But know this, You do not walk alone. God, the Never Failing God, is right by your side. He has a plan…a perfect plan…for your life. I know sometimes you cannot see the road ahead. Your steps are met with rock and mud. Your sight is blocked by fog and dust. But know this, You are not alone. God, the Never Failing God, will bring … [Read more...]