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21 Day Fast: Week 3 {Challenges}

By Barbie   /     Jan 23, 2013  /     Uncategorized  /     20 Comments

Here I am at week three of my fast.  Just five more days left.  I truly wanted to “step up” my game this week, but instead I find myself backing off just a little bit.  I’ve been faced with some challenges this week, which has frustrated me to no end, but I keep reminding myself that the Lord looks at the heart.  I have to believe that He is pleased with me and that nothing I’ve done is in vain.

Challenge #1 – Lack of Finances.

It’s very hard to fast when you have limited financial resources to buy the food that you need, in order to keep yourself from indulging in the foods you are supposed to be fasting from.  The first week I was able to stock up on fruits and vegetables, but this week, well nada.  As the wife of an unemployed husband, sometimes I simply have to make do and eat what I have.  For a minute or two I considered a water fast for this last week, but I knew it was not wisdom from the Lord.  So what I did to adapt this week was add chicken to my diet, and a few healthy, whole grains.  It hasn’t been perfect.  I’ve messed up a couple of times, beat myself up a little bit, but climbed back on the wagon.

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21 Day Fast: Week 2 {Refocusing}

By Barbie   /     Jan 16, 2013  /     Uncategorized  /     16 Comments

For the most part, I did okay this last week on the fast.  I stuck with my plan and carried through the Daniel fast for the better part of the week.  And then I got sick. Zapped of energy and strength I lost sight of my goal and slipped, just a little.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to matters of spirituality.  I’m an “all or nothing-Get it right the first time, because there may not be a second chance-Get your act together, kind of girl!”

This week I will be changing my focus just a little bit.  I decided that a “modified Daniel Fast” wasn’t really a Daniel Fast at all.  To be fair to myself, and those following along, I thought it best to share what I’m not eating, and leave it at that.

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Weigh-In Wednesdays: {Daniel Fast – Week One}

By Barbie   /     Jan 09, 2013  /     Uncategorized  /     21 Comments

*I am putting my weight loss efforts on hold as I seek the Lord through prayer and fasting from January 6th-27th.  During that time, I will be sharing about my fasting journey here.  I am not an expert in fasting.  I have failed more times than I’ve been successful.  I will be sharing what I am doing, what’s working, what isn’t, as well as what I am learning along the way, and what God is doing in me through all of this.  I will be back to my regular Weigh-In Wednesday posting in February.

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