21 Day Fast: Week 3 {Challenges}

Here I am at week three of my fast.  Just five more days left.  I truly wanted to "step up" my game this week, but instead I find myself backing off just a little bit.  I've been faced with some challenges this week, which has frustrated me to no end, but I keep reminding myself that the Lord looks at the heart.  I have to believe that He is pleased with me and that nothing I've done is in vain. Challenge #1 - Lack of Finances. It's very hard to fast when you have limited financial resources … [Read more...]

21 Day Fast: Week 2 {Refocusing}


For the most part, I did okay this last week on the fast.  I stuck with my plan and carried through the Daniel fast for the better part of the week.  And then I got sick. Zapped of energy and strength I lost sight of my goal and slipped, just a little.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to matters of spirituality.  I'm an "all or nothing-Get it right the first time, because there may not be a second chance-Get your act together, kind of girl!" This week I will be changing my focus just a … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Wednesdays: {Daniel Fast – Week One}


*I am putting my weight loss efforts on hold as I seek the Lord through prayer and fasting from January 6th-27th.  During that time, I will be sharing about my fasting journey here.  I am not an expert in fasting.  I have failed more times than I've been successful.  I will be sharing what I am doing, what's working, what isn't, as well as what I am learning along the way, and what God is doing in me through all of this.  I will be back to my regular Weigh-In Wednesday posting in February. I am … [Read more...]