10 How to DIY Laptop Stand Ideas

(10 How to DIY Laptop Stand Ideas) We are living in a digital age, an age of wonders if you ask me and all that has become is a lifestyle, today we have digital nomads, people who travel with nothing but a laptop in their bag, making a huge impact in the world. But with every lifestyle comes few things to keep in mind, and one of the things we all care about is our laptops and generally our electronics, we want to make them as “comfortable” as possible, we want to adjust them the best we can for work over extended periods of time, and laptop stands have become a must in every household and in almost every backpack. Not only it is important to make yourself comfortable while working on them, but it has also become a fashion statement and your laptop really deserves the best, so this article is all about laptop stands and how to make one today in your home.

Now before you begin to worry let me tell you these projects are very simple and super fun to make, and you will have no problems making a cool-looking laptop stand for your “baby” (wink emoji). We have selected our top ten laptop stand designs for this article and they all come with an amazing tutorial to help you each step of the way and to make sure you finally get the laptop stand you deserve. But if you already finished one from the list, why not make another one for your geek friends, I`m sure they would love a brand new laptop stand (wink emoji).

1. DIY Portable Laptop Stand

DIY Portable Laptop Stand

If you love to operate your laptop by lying down on your comfy bed then do make this lovely portable laptop stand that will allow you to do so and is pretty easy to build! Here the precise dimensions and accuracy are the demands of the design structure of this laptop stand; do make it using plywood! home-dzine

2. Make a Cardboard Laptop Stand

Make a Cardboard Laptop Stand

If you are striving for easy operating of your laptop then also duplicate this frugal but super amazing cardboard laptop will nicely hold your laptop and will set the keyboard for easy typing! Here this cardboard laptop stand is tilted and this is the main features of it that make it super unique! Here is how to make it! instructables

3. Easy DIY Laptop Stand Or Laptop Lap Tray

Easy DIY Laptop Stand Or Laptop Lap Tray

Also, use the slim longer wooden boards to make instant beautiful laptop trays and stands that will also offer easy operating and handling of your laptops! Checkout here this red-painted laptop stand that also comes with a slot to hold your mobile phone and you can easily make it using any wood board! How-to details here home-dzine

4. Inexpensive DIY Lap Desk

Inexpensive DIY Lap Desk

Make also the stylishly beautiful DIY lap desks at home that will also allow you easy operating of your laptops and will be a breeze to make! Grab a plywood board long enough to hold your laptop, give it a nice wood finish and add it up with a little support or fence to hold your laptop in place! Next, add a fabric-covered foam sheet to its bottom side! inspirationmadesimple

5. DIY Portable Laptop Computer Stand

DIY Portable Laptop Computer Stand

One more amazing and portable design of wooden laptop stand is here to get your appreciation! This is here a modern laptop stand that comes with amazing design curves and has been cut out from the plywood using a miter saw! Use a printed design template to trace the design first on the plywood! Tutorial here familyhandyman

6. How to Make Copper Laptop Table

How to Make Copper Laptop Table

This laptop stand is both at the same time, stylish and durable as it is made of copper pipes and wood and hence would definitely dazzle the audience! Make the entire base of this portable laptop stand using the copper pipes and then finish it up with a wooden top and that’s it! Details and tutorial here houseofjadeinteriorsblog

7. Easy DIY Scrap Wood Laptop Stand

Easy DIY Scrap Wood Laptop Stand

If you want to build laptop stands that will elevate the laptop or your screen on your computer desk to a more suitable height level then use the scrap wood to build them instantly at home! Here the scrap-wood pieces have been put together to make this laptop stand that has been assembled with L-shape metal plates! prettyhandygirl

8. Easy DIY Laptop stand for bed

Easy DIY Laptop stand for bed

It would be super convenient to do the rest of your office work by comfortably lying down on your bed! Yes, this laptop stand would make it possible that will make you easily work on your laptop by raising your laptop to a more appropriate height level! Making this laptop stand is just like building a mini table! Details here vintageromancestyle

9. DIY Laptop Stand From A Coat Hanger

DIY Laptop Stand From A Coat Hanger

Duplicate also this amazing laptop stand that will only cost you a coat hanger! This project here is an amazing and creative upcycling of a coat hanger that has been done to get the ease to operate a laptop to do the office work in a more comfortable way! Another amazing hack for a lovely laptop stand! Here is how to make it. apartmenttherapy

10. DIY $8 Laptop Stand

DIY Laptop Stand

Are you on a budget but having an intense need for a laptop stand then do build this lovely laptop stand by spending only $8 from your pocket that will totally worth it! The plan here is to build the laptop stand using PVC pipes and custom joints! Take a look at this given sample that is looking superior! techerator

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