50 Colorful and Creative DIY Rugs Ideas

A rug is a pretty important detail in every home decor. They can tie the whole room together but on the other hand, they can create such a mess (smiley emoji). So picking a rug is a pretty serious job to do. And to make your life easier we decided to make this awesome list of 50 colorful and creative ways to DIY rug ideas. So, buckle up ladies and gentlemen the rug countdown is about to start (smiley emoji). We gathered here rugs of all kinds, colors, shapes, and sizes. So all you have to do is to pick one (or a few) you like the most and to make it (smiley emoji). But don’t be afraid. All of these projects can be easily done in no time and without any hustle. Plus, all of them can be made for a budget-friendly price. Which is more than awesome, don’t you think (wink emoji)? So, for our first post, we choose an awesome and adorable stenciled Morrocan rug. This is quite a simple task that can be done in no time. And the end result is so stunning that you won’t stop on just one rug (smiley emoji).

Next, we have another great idea and another beautiful rug you can make all by yourself. The painted utility rug is the ideal solution for hallways. This rug is also easy to make and the best part is that this one is super cheap. A round rope rug is a kind of rug that would fit perfectly in any kind of home decor. It is a simple yet modern rug you can place in any room of your lovely home. Pom pom rug is one of my favorite here. This is an awesome rug for your little princess room, for a bathroom, a master bedroom, or a living room. This beauty would fit perfectly wherever you place it. So, scroll down a bit to see if you can find a perfect rug for your lovely home. Also, feel free to share and comment on our posts with your friends and family members. And if you decide to make one of these awesome rugs, make sure to send us pictures of your rug artwork so we can enjoy them too (wink emoji).

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1. Make Stenciled Morrocan Rug

Make Stenciled Morrocan Rug

Along with sitting and lying down on the rugs, you can also add them in a room or interior to change the color schemes and the decors! Bring a great Moroccan décor touch to any custom home interior with this Moroccan that has been stenciled for a custom design pattern and is looking super eye-catching! Full project details here the36thavenue

2. How to Make Bee Wreath Rug

How to Make Bee Wreath Rug

Personalize any space by adding personalized rugs and carpets! Look at this sample personalized rug that comes with a bee monogram and is looking damn cool and fantastic! Print out a bee monogram, cut it out and then trace on your rug and next fill it up with the paint selected in your favorite shade! Here black paint has been used for the beautiful bee monogram! lessthanperfectlifeofbliss

3. Easy DIY Faux Floor Rug

Easy DIY Faux Floor Rug

Amazing DIY crafting news is here to boggle your mind, you can also faux the impressive-looking floor rugs without getting a bit expensive! Just mark the floor space and then fill it up with the decorative strips of washi tape having different colors and design patterns! Get inspired by the sample wreath, would be a great way to bring enticing color to a room interior! poppytalk

4. DIY Painted Utility Rug

DIY Painted Utility Rug

If you are not in a position to afford the new matching rugs for your newly renovated rooms or interior home spaces then do decorative makeovers of your rugs and make them a perfect fit for your new room! Check out here the painted utility rug that is sure to enhance the visual of any interior space! It is painted at home for a custom geometrical and diamond pattern using masking tape! Full how-to the tutorial here vixenmade

5. How to Make Round Rope Rug

How to Make Round Rope Rug

Simple coil the rope while keeping gluing each loop in place, this will also make you get superb and non-slippery round rugs that can be added to any particular room interior for extra charm and grace! Bring a rustic décor touch to any space with this round rope rug that is super quick to make! Coil the rope on a tarpaulin cloth and then use the liquid nails to glue each rope loop in place! apairandasparediy

6. Easy DIY Pom Pom Rug

Easy DIY Pom Pom Rug

Make also the super soft rugs at home that will be a big pleasure to walk on! The idea here is to make rugs using pom poms that you can make in dozens quickly using yarn of choice and a pom-pom maker! Next, stitch all the pom-poms on a nonslip rug mat and gain an eye-catching pom-pom rug, would rock for kids or baby rooms! sayyes

7. How to DIY Faux Sheepskin Cloud Rug

How to DIY Faux Sheepskin Cloud Rug

Create an inviting look of your rooms and interiors by adding the faux sheepskin cloud rugs that will be a piece of cake to make! Grab the grey fur sheets, cut the cloud shapes out of them that can be traced using a template! Next, apply the fray check to the sides of the faux sheepskin cloud rugs to store rug shedding, and you are done! lifeflix

8. DIY Mud Cloth Inspired, Cozy Latch Hook Rug

DIY Mud Cloth Inspired Cozy Latch Hook Rug

Bring also the decorative warmth to any of your targeted room or interior space by adding this cozy latch hook rug that is inspired by mud cloth and will grab the attention of every onlooker with its arresting design pattern! Grab the yarn, a piece or latch hook canvas rug, a printed pattern, cardboard, and sharpies to clone this interesting-looking rug! Step by step instructions here designsponge

9. Pretty DIY Static Lines Woven Rug

Pretty DIY Static Lines Woven Rug

If you are having master hands in the art of weaving then also weave some amazing rugs that will create the very stunning first impressions of your home and room spaces! Go with your art of weaving and duplicate this static lines woven rug that is a big pleasure to look at! Full how-to details here abeautifulmess

10. Easy to Make Pom Pom Rug

Easy to Make Pom Pom Rug

Create also a subtle manifestation of any of your particular interior space by adding this super cute pom-pom rug, built to inspire and also for impressive décor statements of a room! Make a grid using the yarn lengths and then tie the pom-pom in place until you get a lovely rug, will be super soft to walk on! Make the pom-poms at home using your fingers or a pom-pom maker! homedit

11. Make Your Own Pom Pom Rug

Make Your Own Pom Pom Rug

Look at this another great and fantastic-looking pom-pom rug design that brings super cute style statements in any particular room or home interior! Again make the pom-poms at home using the cardboard tubes or toilet paper rolls, then fix them in place over a rug mat and cover the entire rug mat with colorful pom-poms! Another great rug design to make at home! makeanddocrew

12. Make a No-sew Round Braided Rug

Make a No sew Round Braided Rug

Put also a great visual interior into a boring room or home interior by adding this no-sew round braided rug! Here this rug is to make with the fabric yarn that you can easily make using scrap fabric! Here old t-shirts have been taken into longer strips which have been braided to make t-shirt yarn, this yarn has then been coiled to make this round rug, glue each loop in place! thewonderforest

13. Amazing DIY Faux Fur Rug

Amazing DIY Faux Fur Rug

The fur is often used in winter fashion accessories for coziness, softness, and for a great winter style! So, also make the faux fur rugs that will go winter special and will be a big pleasure to walk on barefooted! Look at this gorgeous given sample that has been made using an IKEA anti-slip rug underlay, faux fur, Velcro strips, and hot glue! viewalongtheway

14. How to Make Rug from Rope

How to Make Rug from Rope

Make also the rustic rugs at home using the rustic rope that will rock in both rustic and modern interior space! Cut the rustic wooden lengths to size and then glue them onto a normal outdoor mat, weave the rope lengths in place and then unwind the fray the very edges of the ropes! Pretty simple and quick to make a rope rug! tidbits-cami

15. Make a Custom Rug Out of Fabric

Make a Custom Rug Out of Fabric

Brighten up also a dark room with this precious handmade rug that you can also duplicate using your favorite fabric scrap and a leftover piece of vinyl flooring! Cut the piece of vinyl flooring to size, cover it up in your favorite fabric, secure the fabric in place using a spray adhesive, and also secure the ends in place using duct tape! inmyownstyle

16. Gorgeous DIY Felt Rug

Gorgeous DIY Felt Rug

Upcycle the leftover felt and old sweaters also to make fab-looking rugs! The idea here is to take the old sweater and felt into long strips which can be rolled into spiral form making cool circles use glue to keep them in place! After you get a lot of such felt and sweater strip rounds, encircle them in large felt rounds or squares and make fabulous rugs! Look at the stunning given sample! pillarboxblue

17. How to Make No Sew Rabbit Rug

How to Make No Sew Rabbit Rug

Looking for a perfectly cute rug design to add to your baby’s or kids’ rooms? If yes, then you will nothing cuter than this rabbit rug that is a faux fur creation! Grab a rabbit template, trace it on the faux fur using chalk or marker and then cut it out and you are done! Embellish it more in the way you like and that’s it! mesewcrazy

18. How to Make Woven Rag Rug

How to Make Woven Rag Rug

Here is how the stunning good looks of a kitchen interior have been created using a woven rag rug that you can also make at home using inexpensive supplies! Grab a piece of cardboard and longer strips of 3 king-size cotton bed sheets to clone this very epic model of rag rug! Full how-to details and tutorial here abeautifulmess

19. DIY Fruit Welcome Mats

DIY Fruit Welcome Mats

Celebrate also the summer colors and fruits by making awesome fruit-inspired rugs that will give a warm welcome to your guests and also to the summer season! Take an IKEA round rug into halves and next paint each half for a summer fruit slice appeal! Check out here the super cute given samples, a watermelon, and orange slice welcome mats! Another great DIY rug idea! thehousethatlarsbuilt

20. DIY Pom-pom Cloud Rug for Child’s Bedroom

DIY Pom pom Cloud Rug for Childs Bedroom

Sometimes you can also add the rugs to your targeted rooms that may have custom fun shapes, this will bring tons of charm and grace to the room interior! An interesting sample here this pom-pom cloud rug that will rock for a kid’s bedroom and is super easy to make also! Make the white yarn pom-poms and then tie them onto a piece of rug canvas cut out in a cloud shape! windthebobbinupcrafts

21. How to DIY Rug

How to DIY Rug

Make a single outstanding rug also using the two rugs of different colors! Cut custom shapes, art, and design patterns out of a rug and then glue it on another and make more fab and graceful-looking rugs! Use custom templates to trace and cut custom art shapes and patterns out of the rug! Take a look at this gorgeous given sample and do clone it for your bedroom! vintagerevivals

22. Make Felt Ball Rug

Make Felt Ball Rug

Enhance your home decors also with this glam felt ball that is amazingly soft to walk on! Dip the wool tufts in the warm dish soap water and then let them dry and turn them into a round shape using the palms of your hands! Next thread all the felt balls onto a piece of string and coil the felt strand to make a lovely felt ball rug! instructables

23. How to Make Rug with Old Denim

How to Make Rug with Old Denims

Recycle also your old denim jeans to make durable and very good-looking wreaths at home! Trash to treasure project that every crafting lover will love to do! Cut a circle out of denim and then put the longer denim strips all around the circle and sew them in place to get around the wreath! ohohdeco

24. Easy DIY Stencil a Rug

Easy DIY Stencil a Rug

If you need some new rugs for your newly upgraded spaces then no need to buy the new ones, also update the old rugs to match the new decor styles of the home! A great idea would be stenciling, simply stencil your rugs for custom design patterns that will match the new decor theme of your home! Check out a lovely given sample and do an experiment with this project using a different stencil! erinspain

25. Quick DIY Dropcloth Rug

Quick DIY Dropcloth Rug

Make also the professional style rugs at home even if you are a beginner! Grab the dropcloth and the heavier weight fabric, glue them both and then sew the sides and make very good-looking dropcloth rugs, will bring great warmth to your targeted interior home space! Stare at the given sample to get inspired more! verypaige

26. Pretty DIY Unicorn Yarn Doily Rug

Pretty DIY Unicorn Yarn Doily Rug

Also, get busy with your crochet hook and unicorn yarn to crochet the fab yarn doily rugs, would come in round shapes and are sure to dazzle all the audience! Here all you need is to start crocheting in rounds making a big circle that would be your glam rug! Due to being yarn-made, this doily rug would also be super soft to walk on! sfmgs

27. Make Matisse-inspired Cut Out Rug

Make Matisse inspired Cut Out Rug

Bring tons of enchanting shades to your interior home floors also bring a touch of art to your targeted room interior by adding this Matisse-inspired cut-out rug that is made of pearl Flor tiles and comes with organic cut-out art shapes! This rug would also be a nice way to bring tons of colors to any decided interior space! thehousethatlarsbuilt

28. Make a Rug from Upholstery Fabric

Make a Rug from Upholstery Fabric

If you on a mission to make some fabulous rugs at home, then there are tons of different options! You can also go with the upholstery fabric to make some eye-catching rugs! Peek into details of this given one that is made of heavy-weight upholstery rug and has been stuffed with the cotton batting! Full project details here diynetwork

29. Awesome DIY Rope Rug

Awesome DIY Rope Rug

This handsome rug is a big treat to view and is rope made and would go super eye-catching to any particular room interior! Grab the longer fabric strips having a custom print, wrap them around your rope and sew in place using the sewing machine! After you get the fabric-covered rope, coil it and keep it gluing in place and make a big round rope rug! abeautifulmess

30. How to Make Faux Rug

How to Make Faux Rug

Make also the very good-looking faux sheepskin rugs at home without getting a bit expensive! Check out here a brilliant IKEA hack, grab the IKEA faux sheepskin rug and fabric dye to clone this interesting-looking cozy type of rug that will also be a big pleasure to walk on! Do clone this rug to bring warmth to your spaces! papernstitchblog

31. DIY Positive Vibes Rug

DIY Positive Vibes Rug

Here is the rug design that will keep you on to think positives as it will bring positive vibes to your home along with enchanting color lines! This is here a woven rug, and you can easily clone it if having great weaving skills! Full how-to tutorial and step-by-step guides are here poppytalk

32. Amazing DIY Coiled Rope Door Mat

Amazing DIY Coiled Rope Door Mat

Make any entrance of home look impressive by adding this coiled rope door mate, would be super quick and easy to make! Just coil the rope to make big and small rounds and then sew them to secure in round shape and then put together in a customs arrangement making a good looking doormat! Take a look at the given lovely sample, made to inspire! alisaburke

33. How to DIY Rope Rug

How to DIY Rope Rug

Do duplicate this another great rope rug that will create a bold color statement in any targeted interior space! Here the polyester rope has been coiled to several loops to get a big round rug which has been added with a felt bottom and then has been finished by painting half in blue! hgtv

34. DIY Faux Cowhide Rug for Under $50

DIY Faux Cowhide Rug for Under

The design inspirations for the DIY rugs are just never-ending and here is another great one! The faux cowhide rug will be a magnificent addition to any home space! Grab the fabric, cut a custom pattern in the sides, and then draw a cowhide shape on the wrong side of the fabric using a template and sear the fabric edges using a lighter! thediymommy

35. Make Painted Rug with a Colorful Kilim Style

Make Painted Rug with a Colorful Kilim Style

If you love the engaging design patterns then will surely fall in love with this painted rug that comes with a kilim-inspired painted pattern and will also be a smart way to add stunning colors and patterns to a room interior! Grab a pattern template and then paint your pattern on the cotton rug using the masking tape! homedepot

36. Make Painted Rug Inspired by West Elm

Make Painted Rug Inspired by West Elm

West Elm furniture and accessories all famous around the globe and are available at high-cost prices! also, make the West Elm-inspired rugs at home and bring a touch of West Elm decor style to your home! Grab a rug and then make the West Elm design pattern templates out of paper and cardboard which can easily be traced and then painted to gain the targeted design pattern! mountainmodernlife

37. Easy to Make Mod Podge Fabric Rug

Easy to Make Mod Podge Fabric Rug

One more great hack for making a gorgeous and colorful rug, layer the decorative fabric on the canvas drop cloth using the mod-podge and then secure the fold-down sides in place at the bottom side using duct tape and next finish the rugby adding rug mat bottom and that’s it! Another great fabric rug to make at home! damasklove

38. Easy DIY Outdoor Rug

Easy DIY Outdoor Rug

Style up your outdoor sitting spaces also by adding decorative rugs, which will be super quick to make also! Grab the plain outdoor rugs and then paint them for colorful stripes and patterns using the masking tape and spray paint in different shades and gain fabulous looking outdoor rugs in no time! designimprovised

39. Easy to Make Custom Kitchen Rug

Easy to Make Custom Kitchen Rug

Bring also comfort to your kitchen floors by making this very interesting kitchen rug! Grab the fabric of choice, towels, and easy liner to sew this very interesting-looking kitchen rug, would be a big pleasure to make at home! One more amazing rug to make at home without getting a bit expensive! thecraftyblogstalker

40. How to Make Painted Rug

How to Make Painted Rug

Check out here another mind-blowing IKEA hack for a cool-looking rug, here an IKEA Erslev rug has been painted for a fantastic line and geometrical square pattern! Use the masking tape and paint in fabric medium to paint your rug for a fantastic look and appeal! Another great and outstanding rug design to make at home! designsponge

41. DIY Custom Welcome Mat

DIY Custom Welcome Mat

The good-looking rugs and mats at your main entrance points, jazz up the entryways and also impress all the new visitors and guests! This time do this with this custom homemade welcome mat, give a primer coat to your old rug, and then paint it for a custom design pattern using masking tape and that’s it! Another great mat design that everyone can duplicate! petitelefant

42. Adorable DIY Pom-pom Rug

Adorable DIY Pom pom Rug

Comfy up your spaces also in a great style by adding this sublime pom-pom rug to that particular room interior! Make the pom-poms using yarn and a pom-pom maker, use your hands or cardboard tubes also to make the pom-poms also buy the ready-made pom-poms from the market! Fasten your pom-poms on the non-slip rug mat and make the super-soft pom-pom rugs! babble

43. Make a Dropcloth Rug

Make a Dropcloth Rug

Check out here the super simple and easy way to make the lovely rugs using dropcloth! Grab a custom cut size of a dropcloth and then give it a base coat! Then trace and paint custom patterns and shapes on it and you can also go with stenciling! Look at this sample dropcloth rug, made to rock and inspire! Do duplicate this rug to bring geometrical decor vibes to your home! nelliebellie

44. Gorgeous DIY Donut Rug

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Make also the lovely food-inspired rugs at home, will be a center of attention! Bring great visual details to your boring interior spaces with this donut rug that is pretty easy to make using an IKEA rug and some paint! Cut out a circle from the center of the brown rug, then paint it for donut frosting using a paper stencil, and then also make use of masking tape stencils to paint icing! thehousethatlarsbuilt

45. How to DIY Painted Patio Rug

How to DIY Painted Patio Rug, perfect outdoor rug design, amazing DIY outdoor rug, free DIY outdoor rug tutorial, cheap DIY rug, easy DIY project, cute patio DIY project, free DIY patio rug tutorial, amazing

You can stamp, stencil, and paint your rugs to update them to match your new decor theme! Here this patio rug has been painted for a bizarre appeal, and it comes with striped painted lines that have been painted using masking tape! Experiment with this project by painting the lines in different colors! littlehouseon44th

46. Gorgeous DIY Outdoor Rug

Gorgeous DIY Outdoor Rug

Dazzle the outdoor audience also with this outdoor rug that will also bring tons of colors to your outdoor sitting environments and would grab everyone’s attention with its lovely painted design pattern! This is here a faux-painted outdoor rug that has been painted on the outdoor concrete floors using masking tape, paint, and creativity! abeautifulmess

47. How to Make a Rug

How to Make a Rug

Check out here another interesting rug design that looks more like a painting and would raise the aesthetics of any space to peak level! Grab an IKEA rug and then again paint it using different paint colors, here the painted lines blend it beautifully creating a stunning painted appeal of the rug! burkelodge

48. How to Make Plush Animal Mat

How to Make Plush Animal Mat

Here is what that you kids will love the most, a plush animal mat that will be a big pleasure for the kids to sit and sleep on! This is where the very gorgeous-looking lion mat is made using the fur tan fabric, felt, embroidery floss, quilt batting, and upholstery fringe! Willing to clone it for your kids’ rooms? Here is how to make it! abeautifulmess

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