45 Free How To Build Nightstand Ideas

(Build Nightstand Ideas) Are you looking for a fun project? You want to freshen up your bedroom a bit but you would rather build than buy? You are in the right place. We selected adorable, cheap, and easy-to-make tutorials on how to build your own bedroom furniture. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to build a stylish and functional piece of furniture in just a few easy steps. The hardest part of making your own furniture is choosing the design of it, but luckily for all of us internet is filled with building plans and design ideas. So we rolled up our sleeves and selected not one, but 45 How To Build Nightstand Ideas and tutorials on how to make an outstanding nightstand (smiley emoji). Whether you looking for something simple, modern, or farmhouse style, you will find it here, we have nightstands of all colors, sizes, and styles, so the nightstand of your dreams is just a few scrolls away.

All of these projects are super easy to make and can be done in just one afternoon, which makes them perfect for that housewarming party you forgot to have. Also, some of these nightstands have hidden drawers which is always a good thing if you have small kids and want to keep certain items out of their reach. These pieces of furniture we often overlook can not only make your lovely bedroom more stylish but they will also keep your favorite book safe (smiley emoji) and at hand for good old before bedtime reading and your alarm clock ready to announce the new day. Also, some of these beauties are built to store much more than that. Enjoy our list of 45 nightstand ideas we collected just for you, even better build one of these beauties, and don’t forget to send us a picture of your artwork (wink emoji).

1. DIY Night Stand with Locking Secret Hidden Drawer

DIY Night Stand with Locking Secret Hidden Drawer

I love to do manual wood construction and take great pleasure in making your own beautiful furniture at home then do make this nightstand that comes with locking secret hidden drawers which you can hide your personal items like the weapons and other items you want to keep hidden! here you need the wood and secret hidden drawer mechanism and hardware to build this nightstand! Full instructions and a free plan is here instructables

2. Easy DIY Pallet Nightstand or End Table

Easy DIY Pallet Nightstand or End Table

(Build Nightstand Ideas) Also, build the free-of-cost wooden nightstands at home using the free recycled pallets, will last for years to come and will also be super easy to build! Here only a few pallet wood slats have been framed up to make this very lovely and rustic looking nightstand that will also rock as an end table! Another great nightstand to build at home! pennilessparenting

3. Make A Floating Nightstand (Build Nightstand Ideas)

Make A Floating Nightstand

Also, build the wooden caddies with open front or mini shelving units that can be installed to the background wall of your bedroom as enticing floating nightstands! Take a look at this very cute floating nightstand that comes in blank wood tone and will be piece of cake to make using the recycled or new wood! One more outstanding DIY nightstand project! bobvila

4. DIY Yardstick Pallet Wood Night Stand

DIY Yardstick Pallet Wood Night Stand

Do opt for the storage-friendly nightstands if you also need to digest the bedroom clutter! No need to buy the custom nightstands that will provide ample storage space, just build them at home using scrap wood like the yardsticks and free pallets! Take a look at this given sample that comes with built-in storage options filled with two wicker baskets! funkyjunkinteriors

5. Pretty DIY Nightstands with Hidden Charging Station

Pretty DIY Nightstands with Hidden Charging Station

Love to get crafty with the wood to do some fantastic wood constructions? If yes, then do build the multifunctional wooden nightstands at home! Here this storage-friendly nightstand is made of plywood and it grabs extra of the attention of the user due to the involvement of a built-in charging station! Full free planks and step-by-step tutorial here jenwoodhouse

6. Easy DIY Nightstand Makeover for a Natural Baby Nursery

Easy DIY Nightstand Makeover for a Natural Baby Nursery

Replacing your old furniture that goes out of style, with the new furniture furnishing is really an expensive affair, so why don’t you do custom makeovers of your old furniture to match with the new home decor theme? Here an old nightstand has been repainted and refurbished and it looks stunning in its final visual! Another smart way to get matching nightstands for your bedroom! sustainmycrafthabit

7. DIY Vintage Decor Stenciled Nightstand

DIY Vintage Decor Stenciled Nightstand

If you are following a rustic or vintage style of home decor theme then time to build also the very special vintage nightstands at home! The idea here is just to simply update your old nightstands using paint so they will look pretty awesome and vintage-inspired ones! Here the decided nightstand has been painted using vintage decor paint and it has also been stenciled for vintage art! marthastewart

8. Simple DIY One Drawer Nightstand

Simple DIY One Drawer Nightstand

Looking for a single drawer nightstand that is at the top of your need list? If yes, then here are the free plans for the one-drawer nightstand! Again get crafty with the wood and build great-looking single drawer nightstands and do give them a custom wood finish so they will look extra beautiful and enchanting! bitterrootdiy

9. Super Easy DIY Nightstand for Beginner Builders

Super Easy DIY Nightstand for Beginner Builders

If you are a beginner and want to build a modern nightstand for your new bedroom then do clone this interesting given sample that is a big breeze to make at home! Just build a big wooden box with an open front and then raise it on 4 tapered wooden legs and make a lovely storage-friendly for your bedroom! Here this nightstand has been painted in white but you can go with any paint color! bitterrootdiy

10. Build a Floating Storage Nightstand

Build a Floating Storage Nightstand

There are numerous different styles of homemade nightstands and you can go with any that will fit best to your storage and home decor needs! We would like to draw your attention here toward this very special floating storage nightstand that you can easily clone using recycled wood planks and plywood! Here you have to opt for the most durable hardware hanging systems to give your nightstand a perfect and stable wall mount! shanty-2-chic

11. Make Craftsman 3 Drawer Nightstand

Make Craftsman Drawer Nightstand

According to the storage needs and demands of your bedroom, you can build a nightstand with the desired number of added drawers, and here is another great sample to grab your attention! This is here a 3 drawer nightstand that is a big wood-crafting achievement and comes painted in black and hence looks dominant in style! The silver drawer pulls raises its beauty to peak level! hertoolbelt

12. DIY PB Teen-inspired Nightstand

DIY PB Teen inspired Nighstand

Do you really love the blank tones of wood and the marks of the saw, signs of wear and tear, and the natural wood textures? If yes, then you will definitely love to clone this PB teen-inspired nightstand, will make a perfect knock-off of pottery barn furniture that is pretty expensive to buy all the time! Black painted rustic knobs and drawer handles makes it extra charming and this nightstand is sure to given modern space a glam wooden touch! addicted2diy

13. How to Make Handsome Nightstand

How to Make Handsome Nightstand

Grace up your bedroom also with this 2 drawers wooden nightstand that is also purely handcrafted and is sure to make a great gift too for all home lovers! Here you will also love the blank wood appeal and the amazing natural wood design texture in this nightstand and next, it also comes with a modern IKEA lamp installed to one of its top corners! jaimecostiglio

14. How to Build a Floating Nightstand

How to Build Floating Nightstand

If you don’t want to use further inches of bedroom floor space then do make floating nightstands that will hang on the background bedroom wall and will hold your night supports nicely! Here this interesting sample comes in milk and choco appeal and it provides two drawers to hold your items nicely and separately! jenwoodhouse

15. Make A Nightstand on Wheels

Make A Nightstand on Wheels

If your love the industrial kind of furniture that comes with a pretty rustic appeal then here is what will be an ideal choice! This is here a very fantastic looking self-made nightstand that provides storage and it comes on caster wheels that create an industrial appeal of it! The metallic drawer handle also accents the style and beauty of the entire nightstand! shanty-2-chic

16. DIY Exotic Red Nightstand

DIY Exotic Red Nightstand

Here is the flawless wooden nightstand design that will really make your feel proud at its completion! This is here a red exotic wooden nightstand that comes with red painted top and drawer fronts and is looking enchantingly beautiful due to dominant wooden appeal! The short wooden legs, wooden knobs, and edged outward top are the main features of this hand-built wooden nightstand! instructables

17. Build Your Own Simpson Nightstand

Build Your Own Simpson Nightstand

Build all sorts of unique nightstands at home that are in your imaginations and you love a lot! If you love the rustic yet modern or rustic industrial kind of furniture then you will definitely love to clone this very great looking nightstand that comes with an accent metallic touch that comes from the corner angle metal brackets and next it also provides a metallic drawer pull! The overall appeal of this nightstand is rustic wooden and also comes with its lower part filled with a metal wire basket! rogueengineer

18. Build a Floating Nightstand (Build Nightstand Ideas)

Build a Floating Nightstand

Also, go smartly handmade with the recycled wood planks and built great looking floating nightstand on your background bedroom walls! Take two wooden planks, put them together in an L-shape and then install them on the wall as a floating nightstand, it would like a mini wooden shelf there! Cut also a groove in the very right side of the nightstand to gain also a mobile phone holder in this floating nightstand! themerrythought

19. Adorable DIY Parsons Nightstand

Adorable DIY Parsons Nightstand

Look at this fantastic and glam-looking nightstand that is simple and easy to make also!  This is here a parsons nightstand that comes with raised legs and it also offers a storage compartment to hold your favorite story books you love to read at night! Here this nightstand has been painted for a chic white modern appeal but you can paint it for any custom look or appeal! abeautifulmess

20. Easy DIY 3 Drawer Nightstand

Easy DIY Drawer Nightstand

Another adorable nightstand design is here that is made of poplar boards and pinewood boards and is super storage-friendly due to the involvement of 3 drawers! Here this hand-built wooden nightstand has been finished for a choco brown appeal and it also looks extra beautiful due to great-looking drawer handles! fixthisbuildthat

21. Build a Mid Century Nightstand

Build a Mid Century Nightstand

Are you a big fan of mid-century-inspired furniture? If yes, then do satisfy your lust for mid-century furniture by making mid-century-inspired nightstands at home, and here is a lovely design to grab your attention! Go handmade with the plywood and build a big wooden box, finish that box with the metal hairpin legs and gain a mid-century-inspired nightstand! burkatron

22. DIY Rustic Cargo Nightstand (Build Nightstand Ideas)

DIY Rustic Cargo Nightstand

Look at this another durable and solid-looking wooden nightstand that is sure to be a great addition in any modern or rustic bedroom and it will also bring a glam wooden touch there! Get crafty with the plywood and custom pine or lumber wooden slats or board to clone this rustic cargo nightstand that comes with a built-in shelf and also a storage compartment installed to the topside!


23. How to Turn Cabinet Door Into Floating Nightstands

How to Turn Cabinet Door Into Floating Nightstands

If you want to install some instant beautiful nightstands to your bedroom then do install the reclaimed cabinet doors to your targeted wall as shelf and support in place using hardware shelf bracket, it will be your next wall mounted nightstand and don’t forget it give it a custom finish so it will match best to your bedroom decors! urbanacreage

24. DIY Antique Nightstand Revamp

DIY Antique Nightstand Revamp

Also, repaint and redecorate your nightstand and create a custom appearance of them! This would also be a way to get new matching nightstands without actually buy them! Here an antique nightstand has been painted in turquoise while it is having a distressed white top, the crystal drawer knobs are just icing on the cake and the most of the beauty comes from the unique shape and design curves of the nightstand! sewwoodsy

25. Easy DIY Desk or Nightstand

Easy DIY Desk or Nightstand

Build also the very special farmhouse-style wooden nightstands at home that will dazzle a big audience for sure! Check out here a sample that comes in beefy dimensions and has been given an antique wood finish! Here this hand-built wooden nightstand is storage-friendly and is super cost-efficient to build at home also! Here is how to make it! shanty-2-chic

26. Build a Pallet Nightstands

Build a Pallet Nightstands

Grab also the free nightstand plans here that will guide you on how to build a no-cost wooden nightstand at home! Here all you need to grab some free pallets which you can tear apart into pieces to build a custom model of the wooden nightstand that will just like a mini wooden end table but will come with raised legs, do stare at the given below sample! welivedhappilyeverafter

27. DIY Midcentury-style Nightstand

DIY Midcentury style Nightstand

If you still love to live the past again and are following a midcentury decor style then here is the perfect furniture item for your current home decor style, a midcentury-style wooden nightstand, built to last and inspire and is sure to make a great handmade gift too! Here all you need to the custom wooden boards, tapered legs, and custom hardware to duplicate this very beautiful looking nightstand that is super storage-friendly too! build-basic

28. Super Easy DIY Nightstands

Super Easy DIY Nightstands

If are in dire need of a nightstand and are willing to get a special one super quickly then do clone this very adorable-looking wooden nightstand that comes on raised tapered legs! Repurpose the scrap wooden boards from home and build a hollow box out of it, finish this box with tapered legs, and gain a lovely storage-friendly nightstand! ceebeeandj

29. DIY Pottery Barn-inspired Nightstands

DIY Pottery Barn inspired Nightstands

Love the pottery barn furniture items? Can’t afford them? Then make the PB-inspired furniture knockoffs at home that will cost you just nothing! An interesting sample here is this PB-inspired wooden nightstand that is made of plywood and with other wood planks and it will also provide ample storage space! Full project details here jenwoodhouse

30. Make a Nightstand with Bun Feet

Make a Nightstand with Bun Feet

You can vary the size, design curves, features, number of drawers, paint and can also vary the legs to give amazing variations to your nightstand design that you are going to make at home! Here this handcrafted wooden nightstand comes with bun feet and looks extra cute and charming! Metal accents also create an industrial appeal of it! Another great homemade nightstand design idea! shanty-2-chic

31. Build a Bookshelf Nightstand

Build a Bookshelf Nightstand

If you love to read story books at night while laying down on your bed then here is the nightstand design that will make an ideal choice for you! A bookshelf nightstand that will help in easy storage of your favorite books and it will be super budget-friendly to make at home using the plywood and custom wooden boards! Here is how to make it  andreasnotebook

32. Inexpensive DIY Crate Night Stand

Inexpensive DIY Crate Night Stand

Put also your recycled crates to some good uses and also build outstanding items of furniture with them you are in dire need of! Stack two empty wooden crates and also get an instant storage-friendly model of the wooden nightstand that will cost you almost nothing! Experiment with this project with your favorite crates like empty apple crates and don’t forget to paint your nightstand in color matching to the rest of the bedroom decors! craftybutt

33. DIY PB Kids Inspired Nightstand

DIY PB Kids Inspired Nightstand

Another homemade pottery barn furniture knock-off is here to grab the attention of all PB furniture lovers! This is here a smartly made PB kids-inspired nightstand that offers a bottom shelf and a drawer fitted in the head! It also comes with shiny surfaces that captivate the eyes! Due to being in a graceful tone of the wood, this nightstand will give a glam wooden touch to any bedroom! addicted2diy

34. Modern DIY Farmhouse Dipped Nightstands

Modern DIY Farmhouse Dipped Nightstands

Make also the very modern and farmhouse style nightstands also at home using your creativity and genius thinking! Here this spell-binding model of farmhouse nightstand is made of a wooden disc that has been raised on extra long tapered wooden legs! Finally, the finished nightstand has been painted in turquoise for a dipped look and it looks superb in it! tatertotsandjello

35. Make Metal Base Night Stand

Make Metal Base Night Stand

(Build Nightstand Ideas) Check out here also a smart transformation of an old nightstand into a glam item of furniture! Here the base and hardware have been removed from the older nightstands which have then been repainted and added with the new metallic bases and they just look stunning in the new avatar! Zinc appeal with accent gold touch, bordering, and gold metallic base create a stunning visual of the entire nightstand! maggieoverbystudios

36. DIY Farmhouse Dipped Nightstands

DIY Farmhouse Dipped Nightstands


37. Simple DIY Nightstand

Simple DIY Nightstand


38. Build a Nightstand

Build a Nightstand


39. DIY Rustic Nightstand with Rebar

DIY Rustic Nightstand with Rebar


40. Easy DIY Trash Can Nightstand

Easy DIY Trash Can Nightstand


41. Build an X-leg Accent Table

Build an X leg Accent Table


42. Modern DIY Side Table Under $15

Modern DIY Side Table Under


43. How to Make Nightstand

How to Make Nightstand


44. DIY Nightstands and Headboard

DIY Nightstands and Headboard


45. Make Sliding Barn Door Nightstand

Make Sliding Barn Door Nightstand


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